The Secret to Life Is Letting Go

Tomorrow I leave the village for the second to last time. I’ll be going to Accra to drop off half my luggage, finish up some paperwork with Peace Corps, run some errands, and most importantly, pick up my dad at the airport.  Though my room is almost completely packed, I’m still in denial. It doesn’t seem possible that I’m finished with my service, with my time in Adabokrom.

It’s the worst when I’m holding my babies, BB (Benjamin Baily, CK’s son) and Papa (Scott Baily, Kofi and Hawa’s baby).  I think of how much I will miss them, and all the milestones I will miss (a week ago or so BB got his first hair cut and learned how to roll over; I couldn’t have been prouder if I was is own mother).  I hold them longer and longer each day, trying to soak in my last moments of pure love. But this morning I came across an article that had great advice: the secret to life is letting go.

I’ve been obsessing about finishing up my projects, setting everything up for the next volunteer, and writing detailed letters explaining everything to her. Now it is time to step back and say to myself, the secret in life is letting go.

I have been spending hours thinking about my dad’s trip and how much time we will have here, and everything I want to do while we are in the village. All the people I want him to meet, all the things I want him to see . . . how do I show my dad my life from the past two years in a matter of days? The secret to life is letting go.

Maybe letting go is the secret to life because if you don’t let go, the sadness will eat you up.

Maybe the secret to life is letting go because no matter how much you plan and obsess, things will still happen the way they are supposed to happen.

Maybe you have to let go, so that your heart is open and ready to soak up every bit of the next adventure life has to offer.

Now I just have to figure out how to let go


2 thoughts on “The Secret to Life Is Letting Go

  1. Dear Heather,

    I think the advice about letting go is very good. It means that you can take on something else and have another great adventure, I would hope. Sometimes letting go for people of our age is letting go of a friend who is no more or even worse does not recognize you. On a happier note, Fred and I are letting go of this terrible weather we have had and are heading to the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. We have been involved in all kinds of fund raising and Fred chairs our library expansion project for a whole new library. I can’t see that he has let go of anything, so maybe he needs to let go of doing the Rotary newsletter or something like that. I will send him your e-mail and he can contemplate it in the warm sun. We are taking his computer, so we are not really letting go of all that we should.

    Have a great time with your dad. We looks forward to seeing you this spring. Much love and give a special hug all you friends and their babies in Ghana.

    Much love, Sheelagh

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